Gemini Solutions Helps Yummly Develop #1 Recipe Apps for Mobile

About Yummly

Founded in 2009, Yummly is the leading innovator in recipe search and discovery. The company applies proprietary technology to understand food and taste built upon mapping the food genome. Yummly leverages this technology to build an unparalleled user experience with features such as personalized recommendations, semantic and contextual search, and a smart shopping list. The apps are known for advanced personalization and guiding users how to cook in a fun, easy way, even when they are short on time. Over 33 million registered users turn to Yummly for recipes and inspiration.


“When we develop software, we dedicate the creativity, brainpower, time, and effort to get it right the first time. Gemini shares our focus on quality, and the results speak for themselves.”

- Brian Witlin, CEO