Immersv Turns to Gemini Solutions to Meet Growing Virtual Reality Advertising Demand

About Immersv – Advertising Finds its Way Into Virtual Reality

Moving beyond the world of games into travel, distributed content and entertainment, 2016 is expected to be a pivotal year for Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Consumers are expected to spend $5.1 billion on VR gaming hardware, accessories and software in 2016, according to SuperData Research.

Startup Immersv, the same veteran team that created the largest app distribution platform on Facebook and iOS and Android, has now developed a mobile VR advertising platform. Immersv is helping build the VR ecosystem by bringing the first-of-its-kind VR mobile advertising network to help studios generate revenue and help consumers find great VR entertainment and apps. The network’s platform does this by allowing game developers to incorporate video trailers in VR apps.

For example, when playing a game for a certain amount of time with a virtual headpiece, an engaging 360-degree VR ad will appear in the game, promoting another app. Users are then invited to download that app without ever taking off their headset.

The ads are sold on a cost-per-view basis and are offered as enticing trailers. The ads primarily run when consumers opt in, instead of as a typical pop-up ad roadblock. Immersv is seeing completion rates of 80 percent — about double of what you’d see for regular mobile ads on smartphones or tablets. For more information go to: Immersv.


Frankly, Gemini is the best overseas consultant firm that I’ve ever hired. We’ve been very impressed by their work and we’re looking forward to continuing our long-term relationship with them.

- John Gentilin, Co-Founder & CTO at Immersv